SKG January Spotlight: ID 94500 Kristi Haney

January’s “Trooper Spotlight” is SKG member, Kristi Haney. Kristi will be celebrating her 12th Anniversary in the 501st Legion this coming March. You can learn more about Kristi below.

When did you join the 501st and why?

“March 2007. I was looking for volunteer opportunities and the 501st combined charity and my favorite movies so it was a perfect fit.”

What was your first costume you got approved in?

“ANH Stormtrooper”

How many costumes have you been approved in or do you own now?

“4: ANH Stormtrooper, Rav Bralor, Stormtrooper Commander and Shoretrooper Captain.”

Do you have any stats off hand that you’d like to brag about? Number of troops done, number of different states/garrisons trooped with, etc.

“I was the first Rav Bralor approved in the legion and am the CRL.”

If you have multiple costumes, what is your favorite costume to wear and why?

“Rav Bralor. Her costume is pretty impressive and it’s fun having a cape that blows epically in the wind. Plus it’s a just fun being a bounty hunter!”

Do you have a favorite event you’ve done or special memory you’d like to share?

“The Make A Wish Prom for Joshua. We did this whole special entrance complete with a magician, presented him some gifts from Lucasfilm and a TK helmet signed by all of the troopers. It was awesome seeing him light up and he immediately put the helmet on. There wasn’t a dry eye in the group. Definitely a troop that I’ll never forget.”

Do you have any advice for potential new members or our newest members?

“Just have fun with it. Try new events and see what you enjoy the most.”

What do you do for a living?

“Loan Processor”

What are some other things you like to do outside of the 501st?

“I like to spend time with our 2 ferrets and I enjoy crafting. I’ve been doing some scrapbooking, wood burning, painting etc. I also enjoy going to Disney.”

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?


Other than Star Wars, what other fandoms do you like?

“Disney, Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Psych, Penn State”

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