Helped raise over $2.8 million for local charities!


While Starkiller Garrison was formed to bring Star Wars costumers together, we don’t just limit ourselves to the joy of costuming. Our members LOVE to make a positive impact on their local communities through volunteer charity work.

One of the missions of the 501st is to look for opportunities to brighten the lives of all those we encounter on a local and global scale through acts of charity. Our members are committed to using their passion for Star Wars and costuming to help the less fortunate and bring awareness to positive causes. We visit hospitals, attend community events, and donate toys, all to help cultivate an atmosphere of happiness, unity, and charity in our community.

 Even though we wear the “Bad Guys” costumes of the Star Wars universe, we go by the mantra “Bad Guys Doing Good!” Feel free to invite us to any of the charitable events you have going on in your area!

We are proud to support the following charities in lieu of payment for our appearances. Please feel free to select a charity below, or donate to your charity of choice and let us know your pledge amount when filling out our event request form.