Eternal Legionnaires

Kyle Graper (TA/ID-18771) a member since June of 2016 was always up for a good troop and his tanker was stunning each time he was able to join us out there! He always had a very “Imperial” look to him, but was one for those good guys out there to help make kids smile! He always wanted to make sure everyone on the troop was helped and ready to go before heading out. When given the time he really enjoyed everything about the 501st and it was just a pleasure to have him be a part of our family. 

Outside of the 501st he was very active in other charitable groups around the Pittsburgh area. One being Sisters Place which provides opportunities for families & individuals to overcome poverty & homelessness. He also enjoyed being a part of a local halloween experience at a amusement park..

Kyle is hereby welcome to take his place in the Hall of Eternal Legionnaires, among fellow troopers who have gone on before. 


Daniel Murawski (TI-14546) passed on January 9th 2022. He was a 6’8″ trooper that LOVED every chance that he had to troop. He has been a 501st member since 2016, and had a TIE Reserve and a Bridge Crew costume. He was also working on an OT TIE Pilot costume during the past year.

When he wasn’t trooping, he also loved gaming, and all sorts of nerdy things. He was not extremely active of late, because of his career. However, he always made time to interact with his fellow Starkiller Garrison troopers via Facebook and other means. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

Daniel is hereby welcome to take his place in the Hall of Eternal Legionnaires, among fellow troopers who have gone on before. Fly high, pilot!

David Sack

David Sack (TA-52568) of Starkiller Garrison departed on December 8th, 2021. Dave was a 501st member since 2015, creating amazing costumes that he and others loved! He was one of the few makers of Rebels armor and LOVED everything about the show. Throughout the years he has helped countless people make and build their armor, hosted armor parties and was an absolutely wonderful person to everyone around him.

In the hours just before his passing, he was working on a new Mando and posting memes like he always did.

The Garrison trooped for the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins Star Wars night on the same day as the viewing/funeral. There was a lot of emotion in the room. His kindness and joy left a deep impression on everyone. Prior to the start of the game, the team took a moment to honor him. Once that was done, everyone made sure to be upbeat for the rest of the night. It was what he would have wanted, and truly did feel like he was trooping there.

He is warmly welcomed to the Hall of Eternal Legionnaires, where his bright spirits and effervescent personality will be certain to liven up the celebration for all who reside there.