How to join the Empire

“We would be honored…if you would join us.”, ~Darth Vader

Starkiller Garrison is a part of the 501st Legion, the largest Star Wars costuming club in the world. Several times each month we suit up in our costumes for charitable and promotional events throughout Western Pennsylvania. Membership is open and free to all. The only dues you have is giving your time for a good cause.

Our Garrison has an Academy that will help you in building a high quality, movie accurate costume from the world of Star Wars. You will be assigned an Advisor who will help guide you through the process. There are a couple things to consider before enlisting,

1.) You must be 18 or older.

If not, there is the Galactic Academy for our younger enthusiast and is a great stepping off point to joining the 501st Legion.

2.) Your costume must be from the “bad guys” of the Star Wars Universe.

  • Please note that you DO NOT have to go through the Starkiller Garrison’s Academy, but you will not have access to our forums until you are an approved member.

Not sure which costume you want to do? 

Please take a look at the 501st Legion’s Costume Reference Library for pictures and standards for all the Legion’s approved costumes.

Once you’ve chosen your character, join the appropriate detachment and it’s forum and research about the costume. Each of the detachments provide a wealth of resources including sources, build threads, and expert advice.

If you wish to do a “good guy” please see our sister organization the Rebel Legion.

If you are ready to step into a larger world and start your journey, become an Imperial recruit.

Do you already have a completed costume and would like to submit it for approval? Then head over to our enlistment page to find out how to start your journey.

The process to validate and grant forum access can take 24-48 hours to complete. If you have not received credentials after that time, AFTER you have checked your spam folder, please email for help OR reach out to us on social media.