SKG December Spotlight: ID 94500 Zach Tyke

Zach doing what he loves to do at events, take pictures.

Our December Trooper Spotlight is none other than our very own Webmaster, Zach Tyke! Zach has been a huge asset to the Garrison and helped design our new logo along with revamping the website. Learn more about him below.

When did you join the 501st and why?

“My first approval was in April of 2018. One of the big reason I join was to share my love of Star Wars with others.”

What was your first costume you got approved in?

“Imperial Staff Officer”

How many costumes have you been approved in or do you own now?

“One… for now. I am working on at least two others.”

Do you have any stats off hand that you’d like to brag about? Number of troops done, number of different states/garrisons trooped with, etc.

“Stats!?…. Stats!?…. we don’t need no stinkin’ stats. Officially I have only “Trooped” once since getting approved. I usually run in more of a support roll from working the tables and keeping an eye on things. If we are counting that I have been to at least 30+ troops since December of 2017.”

If you have multiple costumes, what is your favorite costume to wear and why?

“My staff is ok… but people tend to have me take photos for them while they pose with the TKs… weird. ”

Do you have a favorite event you’ve done or special memory you’d like to share?

“Honestly so far, my favorite memory was the very first event I signed up for. It was the TLJ premier and helping out with Tim Gregg and Greg Geibel in Cranberry. I was rolling with my MSE and camera and the kids were loving the droid. The mouse might have gotten a tad more attention than the TKs. That usually doesn’t happen. Best part is chasing them around….”

Do you have any advice for potential new members or our newest members?

“Do not wait to join…. I have know about the 501st since around 2007 and really regret not joining back then when I had even more free time. Other than that buy good things… not something that you will hate after 2 troops. Good products are worth their weight in gold.”

What do you do for a living?

“I work with digital signage in a production environment.”

What are some other things you like to do outside of the 501st?

“I enjoy hockey and tinkering with different things. I also love working on different props, both Star Wars related and other franchises. Also jeeps… because jeeps are cool.”

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

“I am going to cheat and put two… R2 and C-3P0.”

Other than Star Wars, what other fandoms do you like?

“Hmmmm…. Jurassic Park…. I kinda want a JP park jeep to roll around in…. it’s weird I know…. Also, Indiana Jones”

Is there anything else you would like to add that we might not have asked?

“Currently, I am working on a few bigger things. One being a full size chopper the others I will keep a secret for now. One day they will see the light of day.”

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