SKG July Spotlight: TK-42103 Ari Stone

Photo: Jeffery Sorg

Our Trooper Spotlight for July is Ari Stone. Ari is a dedicated trooper and if needed, he would be in his armor for 24 hours no questions asked. You can learn more about him below.

Photo: Brad Jefferson
When did you join the 501st and why?
“December 2015. I was building a droid and thought it would be useful. My droid is still incomplete and they said I needed a costume. So a TK it was. No regrets.”

What was your first costume you got approved in?

How many costumes have you been approved in or do you own now?

Do you have any stats off hand that you’d like to brag about? Number of troops done, number of different states/garrisons trooped with, etc.
“Been featured in many online websites. Took a picture that is in the New York Times Online paper. Suited up in NC, Md/DC, Fl, and IL.”

Do you have a favorite event you’ve done or special memory you’d like to share?
“Steel City Con is always memorable. One never knows what celebrity might want a picture with you. Air & Scare in DC is special. Being the only one in a room with a Space Shuttle in a Stormtrooper outfit is a pleasure. Meeting people from other garrisons and developing friendships at each event. Those special leg hugs you get from kids that are ever so thankful to see their favorite character in person. We may not see them, but we feel them.”

Do you have any advice for potential new members or our newest members?
“Trooping is supposed to be fun. Go out, have fun, enjoy the smiles you put on others face.”

What do you do for a living?
“I drill oil and gas, so I am always a surprise trooper.”

What are some other things you like to do outside of the 501st?
“Build model airplanes, play guitar, see U2 in concert, visit local museums.”

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
“I don’t have a favorite character.”

Other than Star Wars, what other fandoms do you like?
“Im a U2 fan. Its not movie related but I think it counts.”

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