SKG September Spotlight: TK 81075 Shawn Harrah

Congratulations to Shawn on being our trooper spotlight for September! Let’s get to know him.

When did you join the 501st and why?
“2013, general fan of Star Wars and costuming”

What was your first costume you got approved in?
“Stormtrooper Stunt”

How many costumes have you been approved in or do you own now?

If you have multiple costumes, what is your favorite costume to wear and why?                                                                                                                  “New Hope TIE Pilot. Ease of movement, and I can kneel down to the kids for better photos.”

Do you have any stats off hand that you’d like to brag about? Number of troops done, number of different states/garrisons trooped with, etc.?
“No, I’m not one to brag, it’s not a contest for me.”

Do you have a favorite event you’ve done or special memory you’d like to share?
“Favorite troop is the Erie SeaWolves Baseball games or Erie ZooBoo”

What are some other things you like to do outside of the 501st?
“Anything Halloween related..I’m a haunt prop maker and mask maker..I’m also a collector of Horror and pop culture collectables. I attention many horror film conventions throughout the year and try to keep myself busy when I’m not dealing with the everyday stress of my job.”

What do you do for a living?
“Venango County Department of Public Safety/ 911 Dispatch Supervisor”

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

Other than Star Wars, what other fandoms do you like?
“Other than Star Wars, I suppose it would be GI Joe because those are the things l grew up on in the late 70s and early 80s so those two would be the main ones I’m fans of but I’m far from being obsessed with either.”

Do you have any advice for potential new members or our newest members?
“Just do what feels natural to you, it’s not a competition..Try to keep it fun without the politics and make it your own.”

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